Ancient Chinese proverb.

A culture/society which does not honors his farmers, craftsmen and artists, is doomed to vanish.

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Vinja Project

Vinja, is an initiative of two Dutch carpenter/contractors in collaboration with an Indian member of the board and shareholder. Our first aim is to spread knowledge and experience related to construction and building techniques and manual skills, in such a way that it can be implemented, almost instantly during, and after, 6 months intensive training of. In this way, we are able to reach the "common man and woman" in India and offer them a valuable manual skill with which to provide themselves with a decent regular, income.

Our approach is simple and almost literally hands on. After only four years of conducting various trainings in south India, considerable results are apparent. 80% of all the trainees [totally a group of 30 people] have well paid, regular work or are even running their own small business.The demand for skilled construction labor in many parts of India is very great, and trainees will therefore be able to find work after finishing their training. Whether they will be employed within our own company [more about this in the next chapter], or find work in the regular market, is up to the individual trainee.


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